Choosing to Greet with Gratitude

Recently an old friend of mine spontaneously approached me to say hello and catch up, and as for our greeting, neither of us were really sure what we should do. We couldn’t give each other a hug but we also didn’t want to go for the elbow tap, so in the end we settled at a fist-bump. This is similar to the feelings I have about starting a new semester of classes virtually–I’m not quite sure how to greet this season of my life, but I am doing my best to embrace it in the ways I can. I am excited to take on this class, especially as I learn my way around Adobe platforms that will be new to me and have a chance to advance both technically and creatively. I’m also looking forward to seeing my own growth; I may start out with projects that are “just okay,” but hopefully they will progress into something inspiring. And even after this class as I begin my career in ministry, I have a good feeling that these skills will serve me well when I one day fulfill my goal for the beauty of the faith to be rightfully displayed and presented just as beautifully. So with that being said, here I am greeting this class with a metaphorical fist-bump as I am grateful for the opportunity to work my way closer to becoming a better creator for myself, the church and the world.